Tall building, glass windows=a lookout over Glasgow. Suicide came to our minds. Suicide as performance art? We laughed.
The next morning I read the news item in The Herald: young man, sympathetic to al-qaeda, foiled in his attempt to suicide bomb a store in London, was killed by police. A success (foiled), and a failure (his death).
Might not killing oneself be the braver choice I wondered? To stay alive, to face the day, the critically broken world, the news of wars, economic mayhem, & the forsaken poor.
This was the beginning of the Unsuicide Notes Project.
The Score(formula)= Write a note from a public place where I was free to suicide. Begin with, Dear Everyone. Go on to tell the truth of why I will not kill myself today. Copy a line or two onto a smaller square of paper. Make square into a paper airplane and sail into the air. Return to daily life and do not kill myself. Repeat as needed.

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