I took the text from the first 22 hours of *comments* on President Obama's first weekly address youtube.com/watch?v=RDfpd8GV9dI , and created a word cloud using Wordle tinyurl.com/chdpps of all 77, 874 words, which is about a full book worth of words. This is NOT the text from his address, but from the comments on YouTube. I love reading the comments, and although mostly they are giant turd nuggets, there is also an intelligent, international discourse.

I animated with After Effects using music from the Kyiv Chamber Choir, "Praise The Lord." tinyurl.com/bv9xjz which is licensed under Creative Commons, as is the Wordle, and this whole thing because Creative Commons rulez.

You can see the full high resolution image here: flickr.com/boltron/3224296087/

And this whole thing was done by beepshow.com

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