Apathy is Boring, along with Jian Ghomeshi, The Most Serene Republic, The Midway State, JRDN, Lauren Toyota, Nicole Holness, and Johnny Hockin, think that when we ask “Are You a Voter?” this fall, you should answer “Yes.”

Check out our elections page for all the info you need to vote this fall. Next up - the Saskatchewan provincial election (bit.ly/HowToVoteSK) and the BC municipal elections (bit.ly/HowToVoteBC).

Special thanks to Danny van Gelder, Paul Matthews, Mackenzie Duncan, Stuart McIntyre, Kris Belchevski, David Dunlap, Philip Maglieri, Alex Herman, Ana-Maria Teohari, and Images Post.

To learn more about our Fall Elections Campaign, click here: apathyisboring.com/en/the_facts/news/press_release_are_you_a_voter

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