While prepping for a short film shoot with the cinematographer, Michael Street, I shot some comparisions with the 7D. The short was shot entirely on 35mm, this test was just done for fun. I just happened to have my 7D with me. This test was completely on the fly. No tripod for the 7D and the lenses don't match. Street over saw the telecine to 2K and I graded the 7D material to match.

Arri BL-4 w/ Arri Master Primes. 85 and ND.9 filters on day time shots. Canon 7D w/ Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 w/ND.9 on day shots. No camera logs, sorry guys!

2K->ProRes444-> Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 -> Avid 1:1MXF
H.264->Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 -> Avid DNxHD 175x

Adobe created files brought in via AMA, 1:1 offlined to DNxHD36 for ease of cutting.

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