The story is a fascinating examination of the enthusiasm felt by the dance culture, juxtaposed against the impact of it's social, environmental and personal footprint.

In 2004 Jen Maxymetz traveled to Koh Phangan, Thailand to film the culture that gathered around full moon parties that were experiencing heavy growing pains.

It was a haven for the alternative dance culture who would gather for full moon parties, before it became over run with money interests wanting to exploit the dance tourism.

It was a paradox of paradise, a "Paradise Paradox".

Jen Max captured an interesting paradox and dichotomy between Eco-Tourism, and the reckless party heads who exploit a wonderful and progressive dance culture.

This was the result of our collaboration.

--- About the footage ---

The footage is a bit rough, shot without lighting and using a consumer grade DVCAM (pre HD) camcorder. Jen Max handed me her tapes with some insight on her persecutive, and asked me to help her tell the story.

This being our first attempts at this sort of project, I edited together the footage as best I could, drawing the story from the interviews and footage then adding Jen's voice as the narrator.

I added effects to enhance the footage, take the viewer into the experience of the dance, and enhancing some of the emotional flow of this video.

One challenge was the audio. In many shots background noise filtered into the cameras fixed omni-mic. I had to use various audio filters to draw foreground audio out and suppress the background noise.

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