This video is a version of a project titled Fairyland. It also exist as a book, see:

The word fairyland can be understood in many ways. It can be considered to be a utopia, a mythical other place. It can also signify a geographical location of particular beauty or spirit. The concept of a fairyland is common in European mythology - not least in my adopted homeland, Ireland. As a utopia, the other place, it can be considered
to reflect the world that we live in: whatever we choose fairyland to be, it is somehow mirroring the negatives and positives of our respective realities.

The thing that fairyland in this project mirrors is not only the culture I live in and the general chaos that is the world as seen through news coverage. It also mirrors my relationship to photography. For someone who has a very complex relationship with photography and its uses it is relieving to realize that when I have nothing to do I still carry a camera with me. I've used photography to document conflicts, consequences of war, for pr, as holiday pictures: always to communicate a preconceived agenda set for the pictures. For this project, I tried another technique. The images for this project are born when I'm not preoccupied with anything: there are no obligations for me to be, or to do anything than what I want to be or do just at that moment; it is a place that can be anywhere, but most often seems to manifest itself in places where I feel connected to my surroundings.

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