My first bigger stop motion project at Film School Zlín.

Man gets from the past to the future where communication between people seems quite strange to him. However, he is trapped forever.

Year of Production: 2007
Technique: Stop Motion - Puppets combined with Pixilation
Running Time: 4 min 4 sec

Written by: Veronika Göttlichová
Art Design, Props & Puppet Making: Veronika Göttlichová
Animation: Veronika Göttlichová
Director of Photography: Veronika Göttlichová
Edited by: Veronika Göttlichová
Co-operation: Dominika Göttlichová, Martin Pavlák
Production Company: Film School Zlín
Co-production Company: Tomas Bata University in Zlín
Directed by: Veronika Göttlichová

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