Showreel Breakdown:

A Raytracer in C++ and OpenGL. Renders Obj files, textures (UV’s and
Mappings), primitives, Global Illumination with Color Bleeding,
Ambient Occlusion, Reflections, Bounding Box collision, Multi-jittered
sampling. Implements BRDF models of Lambertian, Perfect Specular and
Glossy Specular. A simple raytracer is extended to Whitted one for
Reflection and to a Path tracer for GI. For lights: Spot, Direction
and Ambient. Spotlight is implemented with attenuations. OpenGL
pipeline is used for Graphical display.

00:17:1100:53:20 and 00:00:0000:04:20
Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Prana Animation Studios.
I played the role of Lighting TD. Firstly, cleaning the scene file,
combining all the elements (FX, fur, hair, cloth, characters,
environment, BG etc). Lighting as per the color/light script provided.
Rendering of passes is done in PRMan. Assisting render wrangles in
timely computation of passes. Creating a rough comp (Nuke or Digital
fusion) of the shot. Assisting compositors with the final look & feel
of the shot. Generally, lights are arranged in form of Key, kicker,
top, bounce, fill, rim etc.
Rough comp’ed all the layers and pass the basic flow to the compositor.

00:53:21 - 01:10:21
The Hiding, Skyworks studios. I did Lighting of the Background. There
are multiple light sources in this background, I had to take special
care matching it with the character’s light, maintaining the contrast,
depth and feel. Besides lighting, I also assisted the texture artist
in achieving as better quality as possible. I rendered light passes,
occlusion pass, RGB passes. Rough comp’ed all the layers and pass the
basic flow to the compositor.

UFO, I modelled, textured and did lighting for it. It’s a beauty
render with no passes and occlusion. The gas is created using Maya’s
visor container.

Car, I did lighting. I used IBL technique to achieve this feel. There
is one key light and shadow pass.

Marching cubes, I did it as a part of my Computer graphics module in
MSc. at NCCA. I’ve added Boolean operations namely, union,
intersection, A-B and B-A. The Mesh density is implemented by dividing
no. of steps by grid scale. Operations are math operations between the
ISO values of surfaces. Changing ISO works by changing the sampling
value of the implicit function of the surface.

Orange shader, part of Renderman unit of my MSc. Program at NCCA.
Orange spheres are generated using a RIB file. I’ve created Surface
and Displacement shader. I have tried to fake SSS by adding ambience
to the shadowed area. I’ve implemented Blinn model. A top bottom ramp
of white-black is created, the white is adjusted for the dent part. A
noise function is blended with overall noise and dent and added to
displacement shader.

Flocking system, part of my Animation s/w Development Module in MSc. at NCCA.
I implemented three basic rules of cohesion, separation and alignment.
Each boid’s position is looped through other positions and new
position of the questioned boid is decided.

02:03:1402:17:15 and 02:41:1002:45:05
I saw ‘ME’, thats my dream project. I did everything in it, from
concept to compositing. It’s again beauty render with no passes and
occlusion. Rendered in maya s/w renderer as one pass.

City/Garden generator, part of my Houdini module in MSc. at NCCA.
Points are scattered on the grid and fused together based upon user
defined values to avoid intersections. City and garden is built based
upon the color map provided by user, colors of which are extracted
using a COP network. A no. of HScripts are used to randomize
orientations, scaling and procedure construction of assets.

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