2-FOR-1! A Bucket of Blood and Spider Baby
Sunday, October 30 at 9:30 pm

Roger Corman, 1959. 66 min. USA.

Dick Miller stars in this early of innumerable collaborations with Roger Corman, who takes the director’s seat for a rollicking, still-biting artworld satire. Miller plays Walter Paisley, a bumbling Greenwich Village busboy scarcely noticed by the luminous literary and jazz types he waits on in hopes of getting a big break. But after an accident involving a dead cat and a bucket of cement Walter rockets to artworld acclaim as a sculptor. As the pressure builds for Walter’s next show and his nerves dance on the razor’s edge, he’ll take inspiration anywhere he can get it.

Jack Hill, 1968. 81 min. USA.

Jack Hill’s singularly bizarre and depraved low budget indie takes place in a decaying Virginia mansion among a group of inbred siblings with a strange affliction that causes them to regress to childhood mental states and compels them to murder. Eminently creepy and disturbing, yet very much in the vein of a madcap comedy with a smattering of nymphish sexuality, consider Spider Baby something like a blood-spattered sister to Russ Meyer’s Mudhoney.

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