This is the second of three short videos in one of many very intense scenes from the multimedia drama "Underground" performed at 180remix's Coram Deo 2009 retreat...
I love scary movies.
So when I was told that one of the dramas for that year would be partly based in the spiritual, I was more than thrilled!

Our main characters--one of them being Lynn, played by Courtney--are under spiritual attack from a pair of antagonistic demons. The live scenes are played out on two opposing stages--the spiritual, the demons plotting, and the natural, our heros living out their lives. Videos represent what is "really going on" spiritually within the heros.

"Underground" is about the spiritual reality of what we go through each day. It's kind of like,
"Oh, you're doing that. But you know what's really going on? It's THIS."
And in this part of the drama, Lynn is trying to figure out which outfit will make Parker, our male protagonist, like her more. She constantly calls herself fat and ugly while standing in front of the mirror, and then we cut to the video...

Lynn's spirit, or maybe mentality, is wounded and upset. It's referencing her childhood of not being affirmed but instead being picked on by other children. Then that thought comes back to haunt her.
Her whole life, Lynn has lacked affection and believed she is unattractive. That's when the antagonists kick into action with an attack from the demon of insecurity--formed from the past she has held onto.
(Which so happens to be performed by myself. :))

My niece Brinnlee plays Lynn in her childhood memories which come back as insecurity in her present. I think she held up pretty well for a young girl having to diss herself on camera! I'm glad she agreed to play Lynn's past as well, not only because she's awesome, but because we used to film "horror" (or not so) movies when we were younger.
My nephew Noah (Brinn's brother) is the angry brat yelling at her in the flashback! Haha! He was in fact the only voice in that scene yelling, with pitch filters applied to make his voice sound like several children.
Pamela Stewart created a wonderful mask (hand made!) that was applied right to my head. I still have it!
The scene inside the Lynn's mind/spirit was shot inside 180. Black curtains all around with lights above made the set seem endless.
The scene from Lynn's childhood was shot at my parents' house.

I chose to upload this one first, because it's my favorite.
It features my niece and nephew, as well as a great performance and terrifying scream by Courtney. The music is chilling, the pacing is there, and it freaked everyone out!

It could always be better, but I still love it. It brings great nostalgia to go back and watch it. We were able to, in a very powerful way, craft a drama about the love of Christ and how His plans contrast the enemy's.
I hope that whenever anyone sees this video and reads this description it'll stick in their mind. Later on, when they overanalyze their bodies or believe they need someone's approval to make themselves complete, they'll think...

"Wait.. what is really going on here..?"

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