Animation that I made for the marketing project called "Samba Parade" for the movie RIO released on April 2010 property of Blue Sky Studios/20th Century Fox.


Once I was done with my shots for the movie "RIO" I got into this marketing project called "Samba Parade". The idea was simple, the character had to dance Samba while passing in front of camera from left to right and then in some point stop facing camera in a cool pose (and then get out of screen fast again). If I´m not wrong they gave me like 15 days to finish the whole animation, weeee! :)

Make a character dance it´s always hard in animation, you have to deal with a lot of things like physics, timing, rhythm, texture, it has to be fun to watch for the audience!

First of all I took some references from professional Samba dancers from internet and some reference of myself trying to dance Samba in a funny way. After that I started watching the videos again and again trying to find what I wanted. Once I selected the videos that I liked the most I started sketching the key poses trying to adapt them for the character Blu, because he´s a bird, not a human. After that it was time to start working the animation in the computer.

I have to say that in animation you always work with a team, and believe me, it´s the only way to get the BEST results. For this animation I had the help of the talented Animation Supervisor Melvin Tan and Director of Marketing Nick Cogan. Thank you for the help guys!

The animation was on TV often, even during the Final of the Super Bowl 2010! YAY!

Enjoy! :)

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