"In 1889, the first RV was built. It was erected for one sole purpose: to transport willing student-folk from the New England area--specifically Chestnut Hill--where automotives were too expensive to purchase individually. People formed gangs, communes, and co-ops, and together, decided to reach out to the Midwest, split the costs, and ride out to South Bend, IN, where people only knew of God, cow-tipping, and incest. It was the Boston College student population in their inaugural football season who acted as missionaries and civilizers to the Notre Dame University hoodlums. The rivalry/roadtrip combination has been celebrated by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Chris Battaglia, in this 122nd year anniversary edition, as he brings to life an age-old tradition that will surely continue ringing the halls of these Catholic schools with 'For Boston' and the Boston College Fight Song, Go Eagles!"

"When I Was Young" - The Wood Brothers

"Hell or High Water" - William Elliot Whitmore

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