1. Connect the 12-inch and 8-inch rods to the right side of the riser. Put the longer rod on the outside.
2. If using a top handle, slide it onto the rods now.
3. Slide the shoulder pad to the center of the 12-inch rod and tighten.
4. Offset the counterweight to the rear of the 12 inch rod, and tighten.
5. Screw the rod blocks into the end of the 3-inch rods.
6. Slide the 3-inch rod assembly onto the left-end of the 8 inch rod. ... Slide the second 3-inch rod assembly onto the 8 inch rod, but don’t tighten it yet. Next attach the DSLR stand to the center of the 3-inch rods, then tighten the entire assembly.
7. Attach the DSLR Stand assembly to the Shoulder Pad assembly and tighten.
8. Finally, add the handle and your rig is complete!

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