a COREDARK FILMS production.

This piece is loosely based around the alternate history presented in Philip K. Dick's "The Man in the High Castle." - in Los Angeles, 1949 (three years after the Axis victory).

ID:UD 10 Best Videos of 2011:

"You ever read Philip K Dick’s The Man in the High Castle? Someone involved in the making of the video for the amazingly good single off of TPM’s Loyal to a Fault sure did, and it pays dividends. See folks, this is how you can make effective, thoughtful use of fascistic imagery in a fashion that actually says something and isn’t just for shock value. Top marks from us."

Forest Cobalt: Reich Police inspector, Los Angeles division
Scott Milton: Popular music combo bandleader, alleged propagandist and subversive
Isul Kim: Imperial Government official, Pacific States of America assignment
Cade Fall: Reich Police sergeant
Garey Snider: Reich Police officer
C. Reed Powell: Reich Police officer
production notes:
Shot on location in downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Little Tokyo, and at Big Art Labs, LA.
Additional tech and lighting support by C. Reed Powell.
Archival footage supplied by the Internet Moving Images Archive (at archive.org)
Album available from Desire Records / Mannequin Records


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