Kanaka Kai Films brings you the live moments celebrated after a long anticipated wait of the first and second showing of Shacks and Shakas . The outcome and feeling this night was unbelievable. Maui is a special place and is full of aloha. This night Friday, Sept.16th was a grand/maikai loa time to remember. The support was overwhelming !

special thanks once again to all the sponsors and supporters : Surge Bodyboarding, The Foam Company, Maui Thing, Power Balance, Maui Rippers, Cancel, Omni, No.6 Bodyboards, God's Country, and Klot War Media .

DVD's available through SURGE BODYBOARDING.COM here : surgebodyboardingshop.com/dvd339.html
or thefoamco.com/

As well as numerous other shops as it spreads through out the Body Boarding world . Hard work, thought, and development is crucially applied within the film check it out aloha aloha. e-mail shacksandshakasmaui@hotmail.com for dvd inquiries .

Kamakoa brings an original island style to the stage and creates a song of aloha mixture, wave riding and island rhythms of positivity. Mauruuru "Toa" for creating the theme song "Shacks and Shakas" check out his music here :

Mahalo Mauruuru Thank You and Merci to everyone who helped,supported,and believed in this film.

original trailer here : vimeo.com/18139599
video channel : vimeo.com/channels/183272
blog: marcusrodrigues.tumblr.com/
e-mail for info : maitairoa@hotmail.com
e-mail for dvd inquiry: shacksandshakasmaui@hotmail.com

pov music : Ronald Jenkees "Disorganized Fun"

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