We took my buddy Shane's WRX out to the sand dunes along the oregon coast, and wow it felt like a helicopter was flying over us the whole time it was so windy, but damn it was F**CKING fun! it's pretty much a wide open field of sand! almost makes me want to lift my s13 and put some mud tires on there, lol....

On the downside, his car made a HORRIBLE sound on wide open throttle and we later found out, one of his couplets ballooned and POPPED, sooo scotch tape and electrical tape ftw!

THIS VIDEO TELLS A STORY, haha! enjoy guys!

slow mo --> twixtor slowed do to about 5% on the slow mo parts.

(youtube) can be had for free!

song: Awolnation - sail

filmed and edited by: Devin Hansen

anymore questions, or suggestions, please feel free to voice it!

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