An almighty clash was set up for the 2011 Hurling Final between Kilkenny & Tipperary - old rivals who were meeting for their third final in a row against each other.

Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh, the retired voice of the GAA and who's voice could make muck sound like gold, returned to soliloquy a bespoke poem penned by Rory O'Neill of their epic history.

A tight turn around of 4 and half days to build, shoot and edit the piece (and with bugger all budget of course) we used a combination of straight projections and mapping to create a set for Mícheál to do what he does best.

It went out before the Hurling final and received a great reception.

Direction - Stephen Mac Devitt
Producer - Rory O'Neill
Projections & Vfx - Stephen Mac Devitt
Camerman - Alex Sapienza
Lighting - Lawerence
Editor - Alan McGrath

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