This is an original series I created and produced that explores what makes our hearts beat faster. It's hosted by Jon Crefeld, an ex-army ranger, who seeks to take on the world's toughest jobs. Does he have what it takes?

In this episode, it's trial by fire as Jon is put in the fire academy for a day and challenged with some of the heart-pounding tasks that firefighters face. From fighting a fire to rescuing a victim, he finds out if he's got what it takes to be a firefighter.

This show and everything in it is real. No sets, no stunt doubles and no special effects.

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Adrenaline is an original series - copyright © 2008 Over the Edge Productions. All rights reserved.

Produced by: Mike Leonard

Co- Producers: Ian Rossenberger, Jordan Bross

Hosted by: Jon Crefeld

Cameras: Jordan Bross, Christopher "Casper" Carey

Line Producer: Gregg Carey

Edited by: Mike Leonard

Special Thanks to: Passaic County Fire Academy, Wayne Fire Company 2

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