This lookbook was made by Crowns & Owls, a Leeds based film production company.

Shane Welsh

Volcano Choir - Mbira In The Morass

Here is a video lookbook that we produced for our good friends over at The Hip Store for their 2011 Autumn/Winter collection.

Hip gave us full creative control over the project, which was both challenging and rewarding.

We wanted to play with a very loose narrative, within some locations we have wanted to shoot in since our manifestation as a company.

Shooting in the cave network which is depicted within the video was extremely testing for us. The caverns were 20 meters below ground level, with the location being a three quarters-of a mile crawl away from the entrance . The claustrophobic gaps and crannies that both ourselves and the gear had to get through made the shoot very demanding, both physically and mentally. Two of our crew had minor panic attacks whilst on location, thus preventing them from returning to the shooting area.

The project was shot in one day, with both pre production, production and post-production taking place over the course of three days!

All in all, this piece was arguably the most difficult but memorable shoots we've embarked on and we're extremely proud of the results considering the constraints we faced!

Special Thanks

Richard Bowerman from Stump Cross Caverns (
Lewis Twill at
Steve Elmes,
Paul Waters,
Matt Burton.

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