By Lina Al Amoudi

"My design revolved around the tale of Balquis a.k.a Makeda or Queen of Sheba, a mysterious, exotic woman of power who is seen as the embodiment of divine wisdom, an adoring mother and a great leader of the Sabaean Kingdom.

Her story is immortalized in religious books and I chose to take influence from Islamic floral patterns, calligraphy and apply it to my design. Characters revolving around the cap such as the hoopoe bird allude to her story in this case; that the bird was a messenger that told King Solomon about the Queen.

The outer structure of wood serves the purpose of illustrating the Queen's story but also acts as a crown that holds the royal red velvet inner lining of the cap. The coins around the sides and silver on the top have connotations of wealth and power as she was known to possess precious materials. My attempt was to create a cap that celebrated an inspiring ancestor from my heritage."

Music Credited by New Era

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