This is the Title Sequence for E4's Chris Addison hosted comedy show "Show & Tell" that we shot over a year ago. We're finally able to show them on Vimeo now that the program is on air.

The concept for the Titles is essentially very very simple.
We wanted to distil the overall idea of the program down into simple yet intentionally heavily art directed series of vignettes. The result of which is that on one side of the screen the viewer can see the act of "showing" and on the the other side of the screen they see the act of "telling".

Because the idea was simple it allowed us to be really playful with the content of the vignettes, bending the rules a little with the semantics of "Show & Tell", and putting a few jokes in there that the viewer may not necessarily pick up on from their first viewing. One of the advantages about this approach is that it means the viewer will hopefully pick up on something new each time they watch the show.

All of the vignettes were shot on a Canon 7D, it was edited in FCP then recompiled, composited and graded in After Effects. Music was provided by the wonderful Hot Chip.


TV Production Company: Avalon Television
Exec Producer: Robyn O'Brien
Producer: Mark Iddon
Production Manager: Lay-ee Quah
Directors: Blac Ionica
Production Company: Blac Ionica
Girl Actor: Leah Brooks
Boy Actor: Christophe
D.O.P: Will Bex
DIT Technician: Laura Redpath
Wardrobe & Stylist: Adelaide Turnbull
Gaffer: Jason Lobb
Production Assistant: Millie Marsh
Intern: Reuben Armstrong
Storyboards: Keith Weir
Post Production: Penny Royal
Editor: Alec Rossiter
Animation & Compositing: Jamie Howlett, Garth Jones
Final Grade: Blac Ionica
Music: Hot Chip

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