Animated by John Celestri. This is from an animated commercial for Zellers featuring the Batman characters. This is the Joker running like a madman down an alley .

On John's blog he suggested this :

"An interesting timing exercise is to:
1) expose all the drawings on 2 frames (doubling the scene duration);
2) expose the drawings in combinations of 1 frame and 2 frame exposures. You can expose all the drawings where the Joker lands on the ground for 2 frames and also do the same for the "floating" drawings.

You will see how the action will feel different with these varied timings. How you expose the drawings will have a subtle but definite effect on the scene."

Scene is shot so that the first three times it loops it is on a combination of 1's and 2's as John suggests. Then the second version plays all on 1's (loops twice ; a bit more manic/crazy , but still works) . The third time it plays all on 2's , but looks too slow in that version . Then the fourth time it plays through again on a combination of 1's and 2's for comparison. Finally the scene loops three more times with an attempt to do the camera pull-out that is indicated on the original X-sheet starting from 5 Field and pulling out to 9 Field .

Vimeo and other Flash video players are not always the most dependable in terms of accurate frame rate, so this may drop frames depending on your internet connection. If you want to see it accurately at 24 FPS download the original movie file using something like or , then watch it with Quicktime player on your own computer.

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