Choreography: Olga Zitluhina
Music: Juris Kaukulis, Kaspars Tobis
Dance: Ilze Zirina, Andris Kacanovskis
First performed: DANCEUNION festival, Southbank Centre, London (19.09.2008)

Everything is as simple as you can imagine. There is. There is not. There is a contact. There is not a contact. Simple things don’t have history. Only simple things are worth remembering. Always new. Always the first time. Like stepping into river. Looking for the same warmth of summer 19…. Looking for the same feeling of home under branches of and old linden tree. So good to stay. So much the same to stay. Never changing rhythm of waltz.
He says all that doesn’t regard him. It has nothing to do with his hug. Technically it has.

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