Barebacking is the term used by gay men who fuck without condoms. Years after safer sex campaigns unsafe sex is back and much more common on the gay scene than many care to admit. But why? The Bareback Issue delves into London and Berlin's club land interviewing men who go bare, doctors and other leading thinkers in the area. The result is this fascinating documentary that’s as much about clubbing, drugs and gay men as about safer sex.

This is the trailer of The Bareback Issue which is a 27 minute documentary film about bareback culture in London and Berlin. It takes the form of frank interviews with men who bareback, their actual experiences, habits, thoughts and feelings. Two doctors are also interviewed on the risks and consequences of the practice. In addition there are extracts from a panel show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern where the spread of HIV among gay men was discussed.

The subjects covered include bareback sex parties, use of recreational drugs and alcohol, sexual habits, numbers of partners, bareback pornography, risks, safety precautions including use of condoms, financial cost of HIV, HIV and other infection especially Hepatitis-C, health effects of these, reasons for doing bareback sex.

Explicit language is used. Some will find the film offensive.

The film was shot and produced in London and Berlin. It is in English.

[Note: Bareback is the term commonly used among gay men to denote penetrative anal intercourse without a condom.]

The people

Three gay men who habitually bareback were interviewed. They all wish to be anonymous and actors speak their words. The actors wish to be anonymous too. The production team believe that they were giving true stories and genuine opinions. Two live in London, one in Berlin.

Cristian Torrent is a British gay pornography producer who now lives in Spain.

Nikolaj Tange Lange is the lead singer of Nuclear Family a queer punk Berlin band originally from Copenhagen.

Dr Mike Youle is a doctor, researcher and lecturer who specialises in HIV and sex related illnesses at London's Royal Free Hospital. He is interviewed and appears on the Queer Question Time (QQT) panel.

Dr Alex Rothhaar is a dermatologist and practices in Schöneberg, Berlin - an area heavily populated with gay men. He treats many HIV patients.

Also speaking on the QQT panel at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London are
Aiden Shaw - Porn Star.
Matthew Hodson - Head of Programs, GMFA, a London AIDS charity.
Yusef Azad - Director of Policy and Campaigns, National AIDS Trust.
Dusty "O" - London gay scene personality.
QQT is a production of FUNdamental.

Alexander Huber
Alexander Huber filmed and edited the film. He is an artist and film maker based in Berlin. His other films include: Meat (1998 Raindance, Hamburg, Munich) , Beer (1998 Munich, Hamburg), Zarathustra (1999), Proust I & II (2008,2009), Women under the Influence (St Pancras Chambers 1998) and Discodamaged Interviews (2010).

Discodamaged run two websites for gay men about gay clubs, bars and sex. One is in London ( the other is in Berlin ( Gavin Simpson is founder and managing editor. George Keeling is chief editor in Berlin, he was dialogue editor and interviewer.

Information on public screenings in Hamburg, London and Berlin at

Note: this is the second trailer.

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