I've found on Ebay for 41€ a Berthiot anamorphic 1.75X lens. I'm very happy because it is so small and so light, this is my first anamorphic experience, and it is not bulky at all !

I have attached it to a C-mount Fujian 35mm 1.7 with a ring and scotch tape. Badfully my fujian has problems with it's aperture and focus ring, but I'm going to buy another one ASAP, and will have one of the lightest and smallest anamorphic system for the GH2 !
The Berthiot anamorphic lens seems to be very rare, I did not find any trace of it on google, maybe it's for Super 8mm... The result is, at my opinion, very sharp, event @ the 1.7 Fujian aperture I've always have on this movie.
When I put it on the Fujian, the picture goes wider, maybe going from 35mm to 16mm. I do not use ETC at all, and there's a very light light vignetting.
I've streched it with Premiere in post production with the "transformation effect" with 50 scale height, it seems to be the good ratio (2x lens = 2.66:1 format). This ratio is like this because it's a 2X on a 16/9 720P. I'll try on the 4/3 VGA Anamorphic hacked GH1 next time, the ratio will be look more like a regular 2.66.

GH2 720P mode
Nostalgic mode
Berthiot anamorphic 2X lens
Fujian 35mm 1.7 C-mount lens always @ 1.7
Shutter speed from 1/50 to 1/4000
from 160 to 3200 ISO
Edited on Premiere CS5

Music : Metronomy "The Look"

A useful comment from Alan about this Berthiot 2X anamorphic lens :
"you have the smallest hypergonar lens ever made and one of the last designs of the great french man. Professor Henri Chrétien signed over the rights to his fantastical optical invention Hypergonar to Twentieth Century-Fox in 1952,he was legally bound not to develop commercial scope lens or work with any other studios. or sell the optics commercially. This beauty was the only tiny amateur cinemascope lens he could legally make and could only be sold in france and her colonies :sad:
it was made for amateur standard 8mm film cameras.
his friends at the Société technique d'Optique et de Photographie (s.t.o.p). At first said it was impossible to scale a cinemascope lens down to this size,and make a usable system. Chrétien went too work and made this tiny gem a beauty. A work of genius.In the late 70s early 80s a supply of spare lens where found and and added too fuji single 8 plastic pocket size film cameras many of these lens would have been thrown in the dustbin in the late 1980s with the standard 8 and single 8 cameras,with the rise rise of video : ( so are now quite rare. i am glad the lens has gone home too france : )"
"Me too ! :)"

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