This video shows you how all 100+ included standard looks look compared to original footage.

The original footage was shot with a Sony PMW-EX1R at the top of Denmark - Skagen... A Singh-Ray polarizer was used.

I use Sony Vegas Pro 10 for editing and haven't been able to upgrade my MBL since version 1.2 when Red Giant stopped supporting Sony Vegas, so I was glad to see that the coming (Oct. 2011) Sony Vegas Pro 11 supports plug-ins from Red Giant and other suppliers. Sony Vegas Pro 11 will also be GPU accellerated and much more.

MBL 2.0 also works with Sony Vegas Pro 10 - even the 64bit version that I use. This is new.

However, I found one thing that did not work 100%. I normally use Sony Vegas Pro 10 in 32bit floating point (full range) pixel format. When opening MBL 2.0 with that setting, the preview image inside MBL is too dark. I had to edit with 8bit pixel format and then change to 32bit floating point (full range) pixel format before rendering (which is OK, I guess). I failed to notice that one look (Diffusion and Light // Softness) had an error when rendered.

Obviously, some looks are intended for other footage than this but I figured that it might be easier to compare the looks when using the same footage throughout.

The 'Epic' look looks a lot like the original footage - I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that right out of the box. The 'Interview' look is in the 'People' category and not 'Person' as I wrote. Rendering took 90 minutes and I was too lazy to change that typo :)

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