Video+music: Volcan

Excerpt from a mapping projection on a wood cabin held in forest of Adé, near Lourdes, saturday the 24th of september 2011. The project, called "Traversée" is the result of an artist workshop and collaboration between Volcan & Dirtlab into a larger art program called "Territoires utopiques". The concept was to gather people for an exhibition opening at a place where two buses were waiting, the audience was brought ten kilometer from the rendez-vous point at nightfall, in a mountain forest where a mapped projection was done on a wood cabin. The piece lasted 20 minutes (it begins with the cabin glowing, breathing then the walls start to crumble and mix of surreal images and dreamscapes happens into the structure. This extract is a part of what appears "into" the cabin and is proposed here out of context). After the projection people were brought back to Lourdes into an old mansion to see a Dirtalb installation reproducing the cabin and to party.

Thanks to Dirtlab, Karine Mathieu, Catherine Bordenave, Benjamin, Seb, Julien, Robert Bergero and all the people who helped us into this project.
Thanks to contributors for the samples.
Curated by Karine Mathieu, CCPL65
For more infos on the project

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