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Hi, my name is Alecia Stringer and
I am the creator and owner of

It is my life's mission to serve the Lord and inspire others through music, business, and relationships. My purpose is to educate and empower others to achieve their greatest potential in life.

The reason why I have this page is to tell you my story and inspire others to have patience and persistence for success in what ever they seek in life. I started out not even wanting to use the computer, but realized there is so much this tool can help me accomplish many different things in my life. So I would like to show you more about me and what it takes to be successful with the tools you have at your disposal that you may not even know yet!

I grew up always enjoying singing, and was inspired to play piano when I saw someone playing in the mall as we were shopping. So when I was 8 years old my dad bought me an upright piano. It was a lot of fun and it was kind of neat teaching my dad something since he was always teaching and reading to me.

I continued taking piano lessons no matter how hard it became. Remember, persistence... It was my love of music is why I have so much patience today.

I graduated from Cypress Creek High School in Houston, Texas in 1996 and was also involved in the Choir and Dance Team, which of course, was a lot of fun! It was between high school and college that I took and odd job working at an ice skating rink. So I enjoy ice skating and roller blading too. In fact, today I roller blade pushing a stroller!

Then I went to Florida College for my first year of college and met my future husband, Ronald. He's the real sports fan. He loves the TN Vols, where he grew up. Also the Atlanta Braves and keeps his loyalties to the Dallas Cowboys. I just love the Houston Rockets and enjoyed seeing them get their championship while I grew up in Houston.

After my first year at Florida College we went to Western Kentucky University to finish up school. We got married on Aug. 15, 1998 and spent our honeymoon in the Smokey's of Tennessee. Ronald followed his families profession as a preacher and so we moved to Huntsville, AL one year for him to study with a preacher. The next year we moved to Arkansas for him to work with his first congregation.

I had a time starting in Arkansas finding piano students, so I tried teaching in the schools for the first time since practicing in college. I taught a choir at a Junior High in El Dorado. I still had a time passing test to get my certificate and taught in a little Kindergarten through 12th grade school in Norphlet. By the end of the school year, I realized that I still like teaching piano so much more even though I did learn a lot. Continuing to still find piano students, I worked at another small school in Smackover, Arkansas and taught a small choir. In my second year, they allowed me to have a piano class. Which I was always inspired to do, but always hard to put together. While I was working at Smackover, our first daughter, Paley Bel was born in El Dorado on November 2, 2006.

When she was 6 months old, we moved to Gray, Georgia for him to work with a new congregation. I had to start my studio all over. While building up my piano studio, I need something else to help with the bills. I didn't want to go back and teach in the schools and leave my daughter in a day care all day. So finding a business online was perfect for me. I can really see the endless possibilities that an online business can bring.

Since I really love music and want to pass it on to my daughter, I became a Kindermusik educator. It is through Kindermusik that has taught me how to be a better parent and educator to other parents. It is really neat to see how my daughter grows and learns so fast with all of the songs we learn in our Kindermusik classes.

So after learning all about me, I would like to just pass along...

1. Never Give Up, Have Persistence and Patience

You must have goals that are realistic and meaningful to push you through and task you have at hand.

Know your desire and persist to bring the heart of a champion out of you to have success in your life.

Have the passion to stay persistence to get you through hard times when you don't have patience.

2. Seek out Mentors and Top Producers and Learn Directly on How they Build Their Business...

That is when I was introduced to a concept called G.P.T.

After learning these skills, I was given the keys to any business. Now I can go and dominate ANY business and ANY niche out there on the market today.

What would something like that be worth to you?

Well, one catch...

One type of person holds these qualifications...

Who I Would Like To Meet and Network With...

*If you have passion, you are driven, ambitious and of course friendly and funny...

*If your highly motivated and just need the right opportunity to keep you focused...

*If you have the heart of a champion that has the mindset to take action. No matter what set backs come your way...

If you meet these qualifications, then I can assume you already have some level of success.

I firmly believe in the power of giving back and paying it forward. I would like to meet new and potential entrepreneurs who are struggling to change their lives for the better. If my story inspires you - then we need to talk. There really is an alternative to fixed incomes, no hope, dead end jobs and limited futures.

If you have the desire to change your life for the better, in any aspect, I encourage you to seek the advice of someone who's already been down that path. In such a competitive industry, and experienced mentor is critical to your success.

I'd be delighted to help you develop a personal and comprehensive plan that meets your needs and gives you concrete steps to develop your own incredibly successful home business.

Send me a message, an IM, or better yet call me direct at 478-607-1383. No obligation, no pressure, just common sense advice from a stay at home mom and motivated piano teacher.

With your qualities, I know you will *APPLY* this knowledge and climb to the top to success.

I hope you've enjoyed my page and getting to know me better.

I know you see success...

Successfully yours,
~Alecia Stringer
Skype: Alecia.Stringer

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