A compilation of videos from the past few weeks shot on my new GoPro. Most of it's just us goofing off in parking lots or bombing the tiny hill by my house. None of it was planned, just shooting us in our normal routine. Just a few guys loving Longboarding and keeping' it holesom... Hope you enjoy it.

We did.


Alex Rhéaume
-Decks: LBL comodo, Holesom Street Sweeper, The Fleet Dancer (homemade 5ft dancer), Dresser Drawer

Andrew Fawcett
-Decks: Holesom Street Sweeper II, Dumpster dive special (homemade 20is inch deck), The Fleet Dancer, etc.

Eric Brueckner
-Decks: Brueckner special (Homemade deck), The Fleet Dancer

David Dinnie
-Decks: Earthwing Superglider, The Fleet Dancer

Guyon Cumby
-Decks: Earthwing Superglider, Dresser Drawer (see: youtube.com/watch?v=-lkU2RFya8M&feature=ch... for more details...)

Micah Heanssler
-Decks: Loaded Tan Tien, The Fleet Dancer

Set Ups:

Mostly Paris 180's and O'Tang's (Stims and Durians)

Also Randals...


Do It Again By Holy Ghost!

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