So this is how my DC5 Stood the day before it got stripped & put back to standard.

Reason for it going back is I was getting a lot of hassle locally from people who it was annoying, The police made a home visit & issued a very strong warning so i just decided that my licence was worth more to me than a bit of noise, Also since it has been sat up for sale, someone has smashed the windscreen, obviously forgetting I have CCTV out the front of my house.

Anyway, the car in the video had the following mod's:

Eibach Pro street Coilovers
Desmond Regamaster Marquis Promoda 17's
Toyo T1R's
Spoon Gear knob
J's Racing SS 4-2 Manifold
J's Racing 2-1
J's Racing B Pipe
J's Racing 70RR
J's Racing Front Strut
J's Racing Oil Cap
J's Racing ETD
Project KICS Lug Nuts
Tegiwa Induction kit

I loved it, i had to much fun in it, im shocked that i don't have more video's / pictures of it but im sure thats only because ive been to busy driving it.

Thanks to Harv & Peck whilst filming this, the Go Pro fell off harv's civic smashing on the dual carridge way, so thats why we stopped on this day.

Also, i have no idea why my rear light was playing up, its never done it before & Hasnt done it since. must just be camera shy.

Anyway we will all be back with plenty of more videos of stupid honda's in the future. Thank's for viewing!

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