When Michael and Sally shared with us their love story. We were constantly laughing because it was so funny.

1. Michael was introduced to many girls before sally by his brother steve.

2. Michael had this funny conversation with his best friend duc about this super weird way of finding out whether a girl is fake or not.

3. michael actually did it!

so we knew we had a winner and this one will be a unique one to make. Michael wrote the script for his conversation with duc and both of them acted it out beautifully. Cinema quality acting I must say...

we shot the film for two days and had so much fun.. ate beautiful Vietnamese food... drank very nice cocktail made by michael... and shooting in the rain at night.. hahaha... the last one was still good fun!

Thanks so much Michael and Sally for your cute story. We wish we could've watched the film with you on your wedding day but our friend john who shot your wedding would kindly send us the crowd and your reaction so we will be able to relive it! I'm sure it was a great experience.

Song: David Choi - On Heaven's Ease

Please check his music on iTunes. Great stuff!

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