hmmmm, where can i begin...

I bought this car for $400 bucks and i tossed in my xbox 360 too, i was 17 when i first got the car... most of my friends and family thought the worst of the car, UGLY, POS, "why the hell would you even buy that"...they clearly didn't understand the potential it possessed.

I had to buy this car under my parents noses, and when i trailerd it to the house, they saw it and started freaking out, they demanded me to sell it because it looked "bad" in front of our house.... i kept telling them to just trust me, and after about 1 month of fighting, my dad finally decided to say FINE, if this isn't running in a year, its going to the junkyard... luckily i had a good time limit.

About 2 months later i dropped in another KA and got the bitch running, that was my first feeling of actually fixing a car, and holy shit let me tell you, it's addicting. i kept adding and adding to the car, and not only was everyone starting to shut their mouths about me not being able to get this car running, but people started to believe that maybe one day..just maybe, this car would actually look somewhat nice??

After years of hard fucking work, about 3 years i would say, PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK into this car. I can't even begin to describe the amount of time I've spent on this car trying to make/fit everything perfectly, polishing/powdercoating every little thing, often spending hours and hours on it for months straight. In general just trying to make everything perfect and too my liking, i think i may have small case of OCD, lol

One thing i can gladly say is that I don't regret one moment i've spent with this car, it has been a huge life lesson in many ways. I'm extremely grateful for it! it's just nice that i can say i have done every single thing to this car to make it what it is today... "built not bought!"

NOW i look at the car, and i can hardly believe its mine, it is crazy!

i wanted to do a video of it before it gets wrecked, so here we go!

p.s i can't thank some of my friends enough for the help they have giving me through this whole process, don't get me wrong its not over, but for the most part i'm satisfied now!

also to all those people that talked shit about me and my car, all i got to say is .... look at me now!

SPECIAL thanks to:

DUSTIN BOYERSMITH for letting me use his slider and footage, i don't think i was supposed to use some of his footage but i did ;)

Kennith Lander: for providing the shop and being a cool ass dude, letting me use his home made gangster slider on long board wheels! dude is crafty!

don't forget to check out their video guys!


video of drift here..

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