BENEATH has just won Best Director, Best Short Film and Best Lead Actress at American International Film Festival as well as being selected for the London Short Film Festival, Bootleg Toronto Film Festival, Short Film Showcase Suitcase, and London International Film Festival.

Starring India Wadsworth (The Dark Knight Rises) as The Cub and Tanroh Ishida (47 Ronin, Gambit) as The Wolf.

The unique, atmospheric and haunting post-apocalyptic short film BENEATH was shot over a week with a crew of four and a cast of two.

It is designed to merely be a taster for the World of BENEATH in the hopes of securing investment in a feature length. Just some tiny moments that surround the main narrative.

It was written, shot, directed, edited and scored by Al White on a shoestring budget.

The storyline stems from a sprawling epic narrative which Al began to explore over 15 years ago and has dreamt of bringing to the big screen ever since. Turning the a-typical, mundane, depressing post-apocalyptic genre on its head by imbuing the world with incredibly vibrant beauty and life.

It tells the story of a mysterious boy and an infected girl who are racing to find the last great secret that the World has to give, in a final attempt to help save the small remnants of humanity left. A dwindling few, left in the wake of a population-culling disease.

With an unknown enemy constantly pursuing them, desperate to beat them to the prize and a sprawling new World brimming with danger and wonder - BENEATH takes an unusual twist on the classic LONE WOLF & CUB tale.

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