A Brief History of Stovallian Crates:

Gene Stovall met Orlando Marshall in Pittsburgh, PA in the mid-90's.

On Sunday, July 24th, Gene Stovall teamed up with Orlando "BusCrates" Marshall for the Shadow Lounge Outdoor Concert Series featuring Philadelphia's Neo Soul Hero, Bilal. The teaming was a great success as Crates put the perfect beats to back Stovall's eclectic style of genre bouncing hip hop soul.

BusCrates and Gene Stovall have teamed up on many live events and recording projects including Beedie's "Dolo" single from his Beat Bully Mixtape.

Stovall and Crates decided to work together once again to kick off the DIRTY SOUL ON THE SOUTH SIDE event at The Rex Theater this Friday night for The Old E All Stars. The newly formed duo of Stovallian Crates will perform songs inspired by Stovall's thought provoking "2+2=5" album and BusCrates' incredible "16 Bit Ensemble" Feng Shui.

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