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They ran 'til they stopped is The Duck House's first work presented at PICA.

We have been plugging away on this show since October 2009 and finally after two years we are thrilled to present the performance in November for the first time.

The core devising team has a deep personal connection to this work and we need your support to help us jump the last hurdle (promise that will be the only sporting metaphor) and make it our best show yet!

We will be hosting a special VIP Crowdfunding night on Friday 11th November at 8pm. We have created a special package for Crowdfunding supporters, so please get a group together and spread the word!

Best of all every supporter becomes a premiere seat sponsor.

x Duckies

About the Performance

Laughter in a sad story is the ultimate sign of hope.

They ran ‘til they stopped is an unruly performance about shaking off tragedy and moving on.

Directed by Kathryn Osborne and written by Gita Bezard, They ran ‘til they stopped is the story of three housemates, who wake in the morning under a shadow of loss.

In their silent kitchen they shelter from cornflake rain, throw parties, are unprepared for cabaret and eat romantic dinners for one. With the history on their shoulders and voices in their heads, their grief is stale and so is the bread.

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