Long time friends of mine, Nuclear Summer, have released a new unmixed track and in celebration I thought why not create a video that really shows them for the dudes they are. Fun, complicated, energetic and passionate.

This all went down on one wet night in October 2011, Brisbane @ Club X&Y. I really love the section in the clip where I was able to sync up the old He-Man footage they were running on a projector; and edit it in a way that makes it look as if the cartoon is saying the lyrics.

I really wanted to convey a seedy 70's film vibe to the footage so it was closer to a washed out or fade stock of film. There were next too no lights here like so many venues, so I took the no light, to low light mantra: keeping footage even if grainy, under-saturated much like old John Carpenter films.

As always I was rocking the my trusty vintage Zeiss Flektagon and a DigiFinder for viewing. The one challenge I set for myself with the video was to have it completed within 48hours of the show occurring.

Here's what happened.....

Filmed on:
Canon 7d
Carl Zeiss Flektagon 35mm 2.4

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