Storytelling is superior to visuals. As an editor and shooter, you are what you watch. My inspiration for this video comes from watching hours of reality shows (to my wife's chagrin). My favorite shows to study are Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, American Chopper and Jersey Shore. Real or not, all of these shows have a storyline. Have you also noticed that none of these shows are shot on HDSLRs? Not to knock HDSLRs; I own two of them. But this video would have been difficult to shoot and edit because of the limitations of HDSLRs regarding audio. I love Sara and Eric's wedding video because of the storytelling. They were terrific on camera because their wedding banter was so cute. As a producer I look forward to improving my storytelling arc and I hope one day to take wedding videography to another level. Thanks Sara & Eric!

Thanks Sonya Paclob for assisting me on this long hard edit.

Thanks Camera Operators 10%HDSLR/90%ProHD used
Vince Lucena & Danielle Concepcion

Thanks Glenn Fajota for allowing me to utilize your studio for the on camera interview.

Thanks Steve Jobs for providing the inspiration and Apple technology to edit in todays video/film world.

Note: Turn off blue HD if you are having a hard time playing.

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