During the third hour of a 12.5m high tide the vertical rise is up to 3” per minute in Jersey Channel Islands UK.

The bay of Fundy in Canada has high tides of up to 17m. Avonmouth (in the Bristol Channel) reaches around 15m and Mont St Michel around 15m. Jersey's high tides come in at a very respectable 12.5m. The range from low water to high water can be up to 12.3m.

This means that low water fishing and exploring the coast on a Moonwalk in Jersey should be treated with care. A good reason to go with someone who has local knowledge!

Many do not believe just how fast the tide in Jersey rises. I was pretty sceptical until I filmed this while staying in Seymour tower in the South east coast Ramsar site. As a result there was no need to worry about being cut off by the tide as it rushed in through he gullies.

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