Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj conducts Satsang.

"All of your bhajans were very sweet and very loving. Hearing these bhajans one feels coolness in the soul. It cools down our soul.

The bhajan which was just sung [Chelo ni saiyo Sirsa nu chaliye] was in fact the message which Beloved Master Kirpal had for His Master Baba Sawan Singh. Tai Ji used to sing this bhajan, and she used to convey these messages of Master Kirpal Singh, because there was a time when Master Kirpal Singh was not able to go and be with Master Sawan Singh. So at that time He wrote several messages which were sung in the form of a bhajan by Tai Ji.

My heart trembled when Beloved Master Kirpal Singh told me about how many difficulties He had to face. You know that the real lovers are always tested and the worldly people always bother them and always create the hindrances. They become like a wall in between a real lover and the Beloved One. So Master Kirpal Singh also had to face several difficulties and He told me about those and my heart trembled hearing how far the worldly people can go in creating the hindrances and the walls between the real lovers and the Beloved One.

There was also a time that another disciple wrote letters opposing Kirpal Singh. They were written by the same pen, by the same person, but they were posted from several different post offices and all those letters were opposing Kirpal Singh. The One Who was sitting within Kirpal Singh and Baba Sawan Singh knew who had made the place for Him. He could not be deceived, He could not be misguided, because He knew that Kirpal Singh was the one who had made a place within his heart for Master Sawan Singh to come and reside. So the Master did not care for any of the opposition which the people had created, and even though many times Kirpal Singh was not allowed to come near Master Sawan Singh (because of the other people who were around Master Sawan Singh), but still the love between Master and the disciple was not affected even though the worldly people tried so many different things.

In the summer when it would become very hot, since Master Sawan Singh could not bear that summer heat, He used to go to the hill station called Dalhousie every summer. Not everyone in the sangat was allowed to go and see Him in Dalhousie. People were told not to go there. So once it so happened that when Master Sawan Singh went to Dalhousie and when He did not come back to the Dera at the time when He was supposed to come, the dear ones got together and Kirpal Singh sent Him a message out of the depth of His heart. He said, "For You it may be spring, but for us it is the end of our life." So when Master Sawan Singh got that cable at once He left everything over there and He came down to the Dera for the benefit of His sangat.

Master Sawan Singh told Kirpal Singh, "Dear Kirpal Singh, you should not have sent that cable to me; I wanted to stay a little longer over there, but because of the yearning which was in your cable I could not stay and I had to come back."

When Master Sawan Singh Ji used to go to His family farm in Sirsa, not everyone was allowed to go there. He used to say, "When I go to my farmhouse, I am like a family man, I am like a worldly person. Please don?t come and disturb my worldly activities." So people were not allowed to go there. But Lieutenant General Vikkram Singh was an initiate of Master Sawan Singh and he used to get the opportunity to go and see Master Sawan Singh whenever he wanted.

Since I was in the army, because of my general I also got many opportunities to be in Master Sawan Singh?s company. I was a signal operator and the lieutenant general always takes his signal operator with him, so because of that advantage I used to go and

see Master Sawan Singh a lot. When I went with my general to see Master Sawan Singh, I heard this bhajan which was being sung by Tai Ji. At that time I did not know that Tai Ji was so close to Kirpal Singh and that she was also close to Master Sawan Singh. I did not even know about Master Kirpal Singh: that He was the One Who was going to come into my life later on, and that He was the One Who was going to quench my thirst and make me drink the nectar of Naam.

You see how much humility there is in this bhajan. He says, "Your shoes are much better than me. They are always with You." We cannot live with You all the time but You can not give away Your shoes. They always remain with You. We wish that we had become Your shoes so that we would have always remained at Your feet.

You know that from the very beginning I have had this habit of writing poetry -- so when Lord Kirpal came to my home, one day I saw that He was adjusting His turban, looking in the mirror. So I wrote these few lines, "O Lord Kirpal, I wish I was a mirror and that You would adjust Your turban and make Yourself up, looking in my mirror. I wish that I was Your mirror and You would hold me in Your hands and You would look at me like You are looking at the mirror. Now if I call You Maharaj or True Lord, if I praise You or say anything to You regarding Yourself, You get upset at me, but if I were Your mirror then I could say anything I want. I could even find faults in You. I could say, ?You need to adjust Your beard. You need to adjust Your turban. You look like this and You look like that,? and You would not even mind."

Both Masters Ajaib and Kirpal made a clear point of not copyrighting or reserving rights for any of their works/Satsangs in any format. Recordings were made over many decades by a wide variety of disciples, always with the understanding by all involved that the purpose was for universal dissemination of the Masters' teachings without profit or restriction. Reference:

"Mahatmas (Great Souls) come for all the world and their teaching is for all the world. As long as they are living in the body, in this world, their teachings are well understood and are propagated in their real meaning; everybody gets benefit from that; but when they leave the body, the disciplies limit and confine their teachings only to a certain time, religion or sect, and I understand that this is the greatest injustice to the Mahatmas."

Sant Ajaib Singh, Sant Bani Magazine, July/August 1977, page 30

"I have written books without any copyright- no rights reserved- because it is a Gift of God, given by God, as much as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free."

-from a talk by Sant Kirpal Singh at Santa Clara University, San Jose, California on November 16, 1972.

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