The Ohio Bush Planes Graham Field Fly-In was mostly a weather wash-out. However a core group of ten airplanes did manage some Ohio hills and the next week did the 1st annual West Virginia exploration - transition trip to Tennessee.

In West Virginia, we based out of Hale's Landing, camping at John Propst's hangar for two nights.

Some hill tops got crowded with ten airplanes trying to find a flat spot to park.

We want to report to the world that West Virginia's coal mine reclamation program is working just fine. Good job fellows!

Once we arrived in Tennessee, Deb and I went over to a friend's nearby extra house to stay. I must say, a guy could get spoiled hanging with the Tennessee Ran's guys.
Thanks for the "top shelf" accommodations.

Steve Lewis' East Tennessee fly-in was a major success with a record number of super cubs showing up for a perfect weather weekend right at the peek of the fall colors in the mountains.

We got back to Graham Field on Sunday, followed closely by 8-10 other tail draggers, so we fired up the grill and fed everyone a late lunch. Of course that was followed by some action on the hill strips again.

Woodie Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land", by Bob Dylan.

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