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The Bitter Herb Health and Wellness Ministry including Zumba Praise Workout with Aletha Russell October 1 2011

Aletha Russell shares The Bitter Herb Health and Wellness Ministry as well as fitness and exercise through Zumba.

Aletha Russell started her journey into living better with healthy alternatives, regular fitness, and her faith in Christ.

As a young girl she was ridiculed by the neighborhood children and developed a poor self-esteem. This led her to develop an eating disorder, which could have ended her life if she had not awakened in her faith, changed her attitude, and began a journey to improve the quality of her life.

She now offers life lessons, coaching, and training based on her knowledge as a certified personal trainer, ZIN (Zumba) Certified Zumba Instructor, and Licensed Minister. She has started The Bitter Herb Health and Wellness Ministry based on the principles from Genesis 1:29.

You can contact Aletha Russell with your questions via email at

Aletha believes that you can take charge of your body and improve your life through good food, fun-filled fellowship, and focused fitness.

If you like to learn more about The Bitter Herb Health and Wellness Ministry please visit The Thankful Revolution at


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Proverbs 3:5-7

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