Witches by Mali Woods

See what I mean? mmmmm I'm not gonna…
Alright here we go. Taking myself serious: Part 1:

Under the stairs that lead to the way out
I'm playing games with myself
As if I couldn't win that child within
Taking this game way to serious
When it will all fade away like this old age
With one gust of wind the seed is pushed from it's place
Where it hangs potential before it begins
It's my move…
In this mental game
If I choose
To let myself win
The greatest gift of freedom found within
Like I'm standing naked again

Starting again…ok...
Do I accept the inevitable, battle that I must face?
See I even doubt it now, ok lets go: Part 2

These witches, which do I do?
Indecision brews
Do I only desire what I've been conditioned to do?
How many questions should I examine until my mind is undone?
Then can I do, who am I, when the choice I lose
Which Witch will I be when I see Dorothy?
You know what I mean

I'll say it again cause this is: Part 3

Which Witch will I be when I see Dorothy?
Cause every time, why do I run back to you
Every time that I'm confused?
Cause I don't want to do what I have to do?
Do you know what I'm talking about?
Alright, that's it, there's nothing else
If ya can't figure it out

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