A nice trip in the garden becomes a strange affair after odd things appear.

The music in the video is PCS 6-32 by Richard Harding. It was composed as a response to a painting by a French artist Yves Klein that once hung at the Tate Liverpool. The painting is called IKB 79.

Directed, edited and starring: Michael Dunbar
Music by: Richard Harding
Performed by: Coma
Also starring: Adian Wyman

To learn more about Coma, visit: coma.org/activity/region_about.php?vchReg=north-west

~ Shot over three days into three different sections. The first being from the start to entering the house, then from the house to the outside, finally back into the house to the end.
~ The first section was originally meant to be the only part of the film being called "In The Garden".
~ The poles were from a broken gazebo.

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