My second project for Media Arts I at Temple University. For this assignment we had to film "the study of a process," so I decided to go with the modes of transportation with a touch of a narrative about a man going through rigorous lengths to meet up with someone, which contradicts his lateness. It had to be a 10 minute take, with no edits. So here is my documentary-style (maybe even mockumentary) take that came to about 9 minutes, which is admittedly disappointing considering how much work this took.

Thanks to my dad for driving and letting me sit and leave dents on his car, and thanks to my good friend, Eric, who spent an entire day pretty much running a marathon to complete this film. Gas money and lunch was not enough of a payment on my part for his efforts.

Shot on a Panasonic DVC7.

Also, trace amounts of "River" and "The Listening" by LIGHTS are heard in this video. We have nothing against her, or her music.

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