This short film was created from the sword fighting segments from the Lightning Strikes video that I made for their single 'Stick To Me', which can be seen here:

For reasons of pacing and letting the band have a look in, it was impossible to use all of the sword fight that was artfully choreographed by Claire Llewellyn and skillfully executed by Lyndall Grant and Simon Johns. So, I put this stand-alone film together so all their work could be seen. Also, entirely new to this version, is the superb original score composed by Juan Iglesisas.

As it was never intended as a stand alone piece and was going to be inter-cut with the band performance, there are some moments that don't quite gel together in this version and there aren't as many reaction shots as I would have done had it solely been a drama. Nevertheless, the film ended up playing in the shorts corner at the Cannes Film Festival 2011 and has been selected for a couple of other shorts festivals.

Cast and Crew

Female Fighter Lyndall Grant
Male Fighter Simon Johns

Director/Producer, Lighting/Camera, Editor, Motion Graphics - Gerard Giorgi-Coll
Music - Juan Iglesias
Fight Co-ordinator - Claire Llewellyn
Costume Design and Fabrication - Rachel Farrimond
LED Costume Eelments, Miniature Model and Technical Crew - Chiok-Sing Li
Camera Assistant and B-Camera - Simon Willcox
B-Camera, Location - James Bushe
Band Makeup - Christina Rose
Technical Crew - John Gilbert
Technical Crew - Scott Power

With Thanks to Andrew Rix and Michael Mead

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