"Bucksville" is the story of a young man (Thomas Stroppel) who struggles to leave a small town militia in the shadow of a wealthy militia kingpin (played by Academy Award™ nominee Tom Berenger [Inception, Platoon]). A thinking person's vigilante film, Bucksville takes on topics of ethics, corruption and family conflict.

“Haunting and frank, (Bucksville) ponders the fine line between good and evil in a rural setting that is both beautiful and dark.” -Ashland Independent Film Festival

“...A stand out... (Bucksville) is a fictional, but all too real, look at extremist militias in the United States and the extent to which some of them go to carry out their ‘missions.” -Jeph Scanlon, Kansas City Star

“...An ambitious, handsomely mounted and suspenseful experience.” -Marc Mohan, The Oregonian

Starring Thomas Stroppel, Tom Berenger, Ted Rooney, Ryan Findley, Alexander MacKenzie, Erin McGarry, David Bodin, Allen Nause, Paul Glazier, Nathan Dunkin, Gretchen Corbett, Katy Beckemeyer, Kacie Thomas, Betty Moyer, Robert Blanche, Elijah Nelson, and Storm Large. Music by Tom Brosseau, with "Home on the Range" performed by Wylie Gustafson.

A Running Deer Films Production
Directed by Chel White
Written by Laura McGie and Chel White
Produced by Darren Demetre and Laura McGie
Executive Producers Tom Berenger, David Hume Kennerly, Charles Jennings, Laura McGie and Chel White
DP Marc Greenfield
Editing by Dennis Fitzgerald and Ben Blankenship
Production Designer / Art Director Solomon Burbridge and Greg Arden
VFX Supervisor Brian Kinkley
Costume Design Victoria Inez Mesenbrink
Casting Louanne Moldovan
Director's Consultant Sam Hull
Trailer edited by Dusty McCord

Abandoned by his mother at a young age, 25-year old Presley Alan French (Thomas Stroppel) has grown up under the watchful eye of his father, the chief of a small town, secret militia called The Lodge. Along with his cousins, Presley is committed for life to participate in the group’s self-appointed mission of justice and capital punishment. Ignited by a deep sense of civic duty, The Lodge was initiated many years ago by Presley’s father, uncle and other town leaders, when a local girl was murdered and the killer released unpunished. The group captured the man and executed him deep in the woods. Over the years, other executions have been carried out in the name of community service.

His father's sudden fatal heart attack leads Presley to examine his ever-increasing trepidations about the group’s ideology. This is compounded by the discovery that his uncle, now the new chief, is forming ties with Militia for America Now, an umbrella group with an extremist Right Wing agenda funded by a charismatic multi-millionaire (Tom Berenger). Presley must decide whether to break all bonds to family or be immersed in killings that are now politically motivated.

Eerie and beautiful, Bucksville is a genre-bending drama/thriller whose timely topics of ethics and the militia movement ring with universal relevance. It is also a film about love, loyalty, and the loss of innocence.

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