...for those who speak English as a foreign language and the hearing impaired

An introductory trailer of The Great American Lake,
a documentary on the fall of the US Empire as seen in a journey through Pacific islands. Dancing natives, art, imperialist terrorism, love and hope (truly).
Please watch a compressed web version above but, if your connection is slowish, wait until it fully downloads on the cache before playing: meaning press play, and then press pause until you see it is ready.

Then press play again.

If it skips frames, stumbles or freezes, turn off the the "HD is on" switch on the the top right of the video box (which you can see by moving the mouse over it).

Play loud and act on it.


Private pre-release FINAL CUT. Broadcasters and film festivals, please email me for FTP link for uncompressed HD or SD broadcast file -HD 24fps, PAL or NTSC. They all look almost equally lovely and are also all very legal.


A version without off-frame subtitles is also available above this one on the menu for native English speakers, Pacific Islands-English speakers (that includes Aussies and Kiwis).

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