Ruyterwacht, Western Cape, South Africa | 2011

George Kuhn (45) sweeps away dirt from the porch of his 5 x 4 ft metal sheeted shack which houses himself, wife Bridget (39) and four children, Brad (14), Jamie Lee (7), Karen (4) and baby Eileen (3 months) at a squatter camp for poor white South Africans in Ruyterwacht, Cape Town.

“The problem with the government is they don’t do enough for people like us” he says. Kuhn is one of many disgruntled poor white South Africans living below the poverty line who feel marginalized under an ANC Led elected government and affirmative action laws introduced since the end of apartheid in 1994.

White poverty in South Africa is estimated at 600,000 , 10% of the white population and is a politically sensitive subject that receives little attention in the mainstream media

“the same thing is going to happen in South Africa what happened in Rhodesia” says Kuhn, a sentiment echoed within the walls of many white South African households but rarely aired publicly.

Shot and recorded over the duration of a day, this photofilm explores the Kuhn family's views and existence in a white squatter camp.


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