Uniqlo asked us to help promote their new Ultra Light Down range. This year's release saw the collection go even lighter - with a large women's jacket weighing in at just 199 grams. Our brief was to generate buzz and curiosity around the jackets whilst also conveying a sense of their astonishing lightness.

We took the brief literally and focused on actually, physically demonstrating the material’s lightness. Our idea being to make the jackets float and move - almost as though they had a life of their own.

To realise this across Uniqlo’s stores we built bespoke, fan-enclosing plinths that inflated and deflated jackets in strange and amusing ways. Callouts on each plinth drew further attention to the 199 gram weight.

Surrounding these were campaign graphics and Ultra Light Down fabric drapes which gently drifted in the excess wind of the fans.

The campaign demonstrated, first hand, the lightness of the jackets and shoppers loved the curious, eye-catching theatrics.

Check out the rest of the campaign here: rosielees.co.uk/work/uniqlo-ultra-light-down-retail-campaign/

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