Concept E-reader

This concept is based around a double-sided system for more then one purpose. One purpose of the double sided screen is delivery of free content. The reason the content is free is because the other side of the tablet will be used for advertisement while you read your newspaper or book. So on one side you are reading content without distraction, while on the other side you advertise the person who brought you the free content.
An other purpose of the double sided screen is the transparency feature. That way you can still see your surrounding while reading.
If thats distracting you can turn it off and project the cover of the book or the next page on the other side. Because it's a dynamic screen you can turn the page so the person in front of you can read it as well. You don't always want to share what you are reading, so you can just fill, or censor the other side out so the person in front of you can't see what you are reading.
An other feature of the double-sided screen is broadcasting mode. This way you can display useful information to the people in front of you, like headlines, weather or stock information.

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